Did you know that you can earn money by renting?

Do you still have that suit you bought to attend your cousin’s wedding?  Or that designer dress you bought for your senior prom?  When do you think would be the next time for you to be able to wear that again?  Say in a few months or years maybe?  The problem with buying formal clothes for one time use is you get to shell out a lot of money for something that you’ll only be wearing once.  I remember a friend buying a suit and keeping it in the closet for future use.  When he was supposed to wear it for a friend’s wedding, he put it on and it doesn’t fit anymore!  So, he ended up buying a new set.

Is it Time to Earn Money by Renting?

With the emergence of the sharing economy and everyone sharing their car, their homes, vacation houses, etc, don’t you think it’s about time to start considering renting instead of buying? 

We had some minor house repairs a few years back and the carpenter needed a scaffolding.  We bought materials and have it built, then after he’s done with the renovations, we were left with a scaffolding that we won’t be needing anymore.  Since it occupied a lot of space, we were left with no choice but to dismantle and store the materials elsewhere. Minor home renovations such as drilling a hole in the wall, can be done by renting out a drilling equipment.  A high pressured water machine to be used to clean can be rented out instead of buying one.

Baking for a party? Why buy if you can just rent?

And I’m not just talking about stuff you need for your house.  Having a party on a budget can be made the most of by renting party suppliers such as chairs and tables, party stage and decorations, food carts, lights and sounds equipment, LCD projectors, karaoke machines, cameras and drones, and even cakes!

Renting is always a Win Win Scenario

There are a lot of things at home that you can rent to others.  What better way than to make money out of it?

iRENT MO  is a rental marketplace APP which brings together different rental suppliers and connects them to the people who needs them.  They have everything from suit for rent, Filipiniana gown for rent, formal dresses, cars, houses, condos for rent, garage spaces, apartments for rent, commercial spaces, caskets, party needs, furniture, electronic gadgets, etc. What’s good about this is this is not only for businesses, but individuals can post a listing themselves.  Did I also mention that this APP has payment escrow, calendar booking, shipping partners, a review/rating system, and security verification especially for those who would want to borrow items. You’re not only helping your community, but it’s also one way for us to reduce our carbon footprint.

Download iRENTMO APP for free and see how we can help.

Earn Money by Renting