Make the most out of your vacations by renting an action cam. Relive your memories in first person or in full 360 with our GoPro and Insta360 cameras.

1. Fill out the Form

Click the link and fill out the form. Wait for our rental team to respond to you.

2. Agree on Rental Date

Our rental team will coordinate with you regarding the rental period.

3. Receive the Device

We’ll deliver the device to your location or you can pick it up.

4. Return the Device

At the end of the rental, you can return the device or have it picked up.


Relive your adventures in full 360 degrees with an Insta360 X3. Watch your journey in first person with a GoPro. All for a fraction of the cost with iRent Mo. Rentals let you enjoy these moments without breaking the bank. Request for a rental now.


Comes with Selfie Stick


Battery Included


Lens protector installed


Includes Hard Case


For privacy we do not include a micro SD Card in the rental

Frequently Asked Questions

What condition are the devices in?

iRent Mo rents out new and as good as new items. Before they are rented out again, they’re properly inspected and undergo a detailed quality check, cleaning, and disinfecting. For electronics with storage and operating systems – all personal information left are purged from the system to protect data of the previous user.

Why don't you include a micro SD card?

We want to protect your data and your privacy. Renting out micro SD cards to different individuals opens up many harmful possibilities for your saved photos and videos. Even when deleted, malicious individuals have ways to retrieve them partially or even in full.

When does the rental period start and end?

The rental period starts on the agreed date and time. It then ends after the exact agreed number of days, weeks, or months (counting the day when you received the item). But if you want to extend your rental period, do let us know ahead of time so we can make the necessary arrangements. 

What if my rented device gets damaged during the rental period?

If something happens to your rented device during your rental period, we’ll assess the damage and deduct the repair costs from any security deposit provided; for damages that extend beyond the security deposit cost, we’ll provide you with a bill provided by a certified repair technician. But for factory-related defects, we won’t charge you a dime.

Where do I return my rented device?

We will provide you with a return address or you may just send us the location where you’re staying as well as the time that we can pick it up, and we’ll coordinate with you about the pickup thereafter.

About Our Services

Great Condition Promise

Every device you rent from iRent mo is in “new” or “like new” condition. Furthermore, we inspect, clean, and disinfect all of our devices so that you can use them worry-free!

Return the Device to Refund your Deposit

Simply return a device and we’ll refund your security deposit. Just give our rental team a bit of time to inspect the device for any damages.

No Hidden Costs

We won’t charge you anything extra. Aside from the additional delivery fee (depending on your location here in Metro Manila and parts of Rizal), everything you see on our posting is all you need to pay.

Contact Us

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