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Intel Core i3 10th Gen Quad-Core PC Set with 19″ LED


Intel Core i3 10th Gen Quad-Core PC Set with 19″ LED

This desktop PC package is powered by an Intel Core i3-10100 Quad-Core CPU with 8GB of DDR4 2666mHz RAM. It features a dual-storage solution with a 120GB SSD and a 500GB HDD for optimal file storage. This set also comes with a 19″ LED monitor. This computer desktop is best for work-from-home setups, online schooling, businesses, and other similar scenarios. The quad-core i3 packs a punch!

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Intel Core i3 10th Gen Quad-Core PC Set with 19" LED


  • CPU: Intel Core i3-10100 Quad-Core CPU (Tray Type) NEW
  • Motherboard: MSI B460M-A Pro NEW
  • RAM: 8GB AITC/Ovation/Ramsta/Skihotar DDR4 2666mHz 1x8GB NEW
  • SSD Storage: 120GB PC Cooler/Ramsta/Ovation/AITC SSD NEW
  • HDD Storage: 500GB HDD NEW
  • Case: Tehi/Rise Generic Casing NEW
  • PSU: Fuzion/KeyTech/Tehi/Rise 700W Jumbo Fan PSU NEW
  • Monitor: Fuzion/Goma/Nvision/Provision 19-inch LED monitor NEW
  • KB & Mouse: KeyTech Keyboard and Mouse w/ LED USB NEW
  • Headset: GStorm/Allan Headset NEW


  • 1pc LED Fan
  • VGA & Power Cord
  • Mousepad

*Important note: Brand name of parts will depend on availability.


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