Pros and Cons of Buying a 2nd hand Laptop

Are you currently contemplating whether to go for a Brand new laptop, or a 2nd hand laptop? Buying a laptop is not easy, especially, if you don’t have the technical know-how what to look for in a 2nd hand unit.
But buying a 2nd hand laptop has its perks too. Before buying anything, we suggest you do your research and ask these following questions when looking for a 2nd hand laptop.

Questions you need to ask before buying a 2nd hand laptop:

1. Know much your budget is.

Identifying the going rate for a certain specs will give you a ballpark figure as to how much you’ll be able to save/lose and will help you determine whether to buy a new or an old unit.

2. What’s the warranty period?

Most 2nd hand laptops are not covered by the warranty anymore. Most sellers just give a personal warranty. It is also good to ask the coverage of the warranty – whether unit replacement or service warranty, in case you encounter some problems with the unit.

3. Is a battery still available for sale in the market?

Batteries, including those in laptops, have a shelf life. Most of the time, 2nd hand laptops’ batteries are almost depleted. Check how long the battery life is and if there’s any available for sale in the market.

4. Check the LCD screen and keyboard.

These are not usually covered in the warranty, so always check the screen for cracks and damages, and if all the keys and trackpad are working well.

5. Check if Speaker and Camera.

Check if the speaker and camera are still working.  Especially if you’ll be using the laptop for online classes and meetings, these two are a must!

6. Know your System Requirements.

Know your workload technical requirements before purchasing a unit.  You don’t buy a laptop because it’s cheap. It should be able to accommodate your requirements.

7. Check Ports, Drives and Wifi connectivity.

You might want to check if all the ports are still working. Check also the connection to wifi.

8. Software.

Most 2nd hand units already have an Operating System and MS Office Applicationsinstalled, but some owners do a re-format to erase all pertinent data, before selling.

What are the Pros and Cons of Buying a 2nd hand Laptop?


1. Buying a 2nd hand laptop is cheaper. If you get lucky, you’ll get a unit that’s seldomly used and 98%-99% smooth in some cases.

2. Buying a 2nd hand laptop gives you a higher performance with a lower cost.

3. Environmental friendly.


1. 2nd hand units may have minor scratches and dents or any other obvious physical damage.

2. 2nd hand laptops have a little to no warranty.

3. Laptop performance is not 100% and some have hidden issues.

Before buying. make sure to ask about the refund and warranty procedures just in case you encounter any problems.

We hope that these tips can help you decide whether to go for a 2nd hand laptop or not. Check out prices here so you’ll have an idea how much these laptops cost, to enable you to decide whether to buy a 2nd hand laptop or a brand new unit instead.

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