Nowadays, with the ever-increasing prices of goods and the parallel increase in demand for life’s comforts – it’s always hard to decide on our purchases. That is why renting is not such a bad idea. Whether you rent for profit or you rent to save on money – read on to find out what things you can rent or rent out.

10 Construction Equipment

Maybe you’re saving money by DIYing your rennovation project? Or maybe you just have a picture to hang on your newly painted wall? Buying a power drill, a buzzsaw, or any other equipment is surely a waste of money for a one-off job. Yor best bet is to use the iRentMo app and start looking for the right tools for the job. On the other hand, if you have some power tools lying around and can spare them – let the iRentMo app hook you up for some extra cash.

9 Parking Space

Metro Manila is currently experiencing an overabundance of vehicles and a deficit on space. People are starting to (illegaly) park on public roads – which contribute to road congestion. If you live in these busy office districts and have space to spare, maybe you can rent them out to earn some big money.

8 Van / Tourist Bus

With the sudden boom in travel pooling to local destinations, the need for large and comfortable vehicles is increasing by the day. Toyota Hi Ace vans, Nissan NV350s, and other similar coaster-like vehicles are not just large enough to accommodate around 20 people, they’re also cool and comfortable inside. If you have a van that you want to use for profit and are willing to drive people to and fro benguet or any other hike spot, then download iRentMo now and start earning.

7 Jewelry

Are you attending or celebrating a special day? Maybe a debut, a wedding, or a gala event – and you need to impress some important people with a few shiny things? Jewelry is a good investment but usually, have very high asking prices which are most often than not – out of reach to regular people like most of us. If you’re just going to strut them out for a day/night, renting is your most economical option. Just take lots of pictures to commemorate the event. But if you have a lot of jewelry, it may not be such a bad idea to rent for profit! Rent them out and just include an attendant to guard your precious jewelry.

6 Photobooth for Events

People love immortalizing fun memories and as such, events like birthdays and weddings are always a staple for photobooths. They’re fun, easy to use, and prints out photos in just a few minutes.

5 Food Cart for Events

Filipinos love food and we love them in a variety of ways. Spruce up your event with a variety of offerings in a variety of presentations through food carts. They’re inexpensive to rent and offer delectable selection of food items; from ice cream to donuts, to pizza, and flavored fries. The fun and gastronomic experience is endless. The iRentMo app lets you rent any variety of food carts. Or if you’re in the business, rent out your own food cart(s).

4 Tables and Chairs for Events

Events will never be complete without tables and chairs. They literally bring people together to dine and to socialize. Surely, you wouldn’t buy sets of these for one-off events like birthdays and weddings, right? The iRentMo app is rife with merchants offering affordable table and chair rentals. On the other hand you can also earn from the app if you have “wedding-worthy” sets that you can rent out.

3 Drone / UAV

Up your video’s production value with aerial shots. Create stunning b-rolls and captivating intros with drone footage. With the high cost of drones, ranging from 50k to 300k pesos, it is advisable for budding videographers to just rent a UAV (with pilot) first. It eliminates risk of crashing and the high cost of buying a drone. Conversely, if you have a drone and some time, you can rent them out and earn big.

2 Camera / Photography and Video Equipment

Maybe you’re just starting out on your photography or videography hobby or business? Or maybe you want to try out a different camera ecosystem or brand? Learn from borrowed gear first before going full dive into a system. It’s economical and it lets you play around with gear to determine your next move. And if you have some older cameras, lenses, and other gear that are just sitting in your drybox – you can rent for profit using the iRentMo app for additional income.

1 Wedding Gown / Suit

Your most special day is coming and one of the most important aspect is determining what you, your spouse, and the entire entourage is going to wear. Most wedding organizers would advise you to just rent your attire. You’re only going to wear it once. Besides, current rental companies offer diverse selections and options to meet very particular needs. The iRentMo app lets you choose from a variety of gowns and suits to wear on your wedding. Some merchants can even make tailoring adjustments to the gown or suit that you’ll be borrowing.

With the iRentMo App, you can rent for profit or rent items to save on a lot of money. Or you can do both!

Top 10 Things to Rent Out / Rent for Profit or for Big Savings