Is it smarter to rent furniture? Or is it better to just buy furniture? Furniture rental is a pretty obscure term to common folks like us, but it is worth considering especially for certain scenarios.

Furniture is probably the most expensive part of any home or office. High-end furniture can cost an arm and a leg. So, it’s always best to assess your situation before committing to own furniture sets for your home or office. Try considering furniture rental for these situations:

Home Hoppers

Some people hop around different locations for work; spending only about 6-12 months per home before transferring to another. If you’re one of those lucky/unlucky people, spending your hard-earned money on furniture may not be the smartest choice. Furniture rental will save you not just money, but also the time needed in reselling the furnishings once you need to relocate.

Fickle-Minded Trend-Setters

This might be you if you love the latest trends in design and fashion, or you just want to change the way your home/office looks every year or so. Obviously, if you’re changing furniture yearly – renting will save you a lot of money. The furniture rental route will also save you from the hassle of disposing or reselling old furniture.

Real Estate Agent

If you’re a real estate agent, then you know that people buy with their eyes. Potential buyers will love it if the condo you’re selling is presented or staged in all its potential glory – decorated with the right furniture and the right appliances. Furniture rental will save you a lot of money, and will definitely increase your chances of landing a sale.

Events Stylists

Maybe you have an event for a company’s anniversary, a wedding, or a party? You’ll be needing chairs, tables, even sofa sets for some events. Renting furniture is always your best bet here. Not only will it save you from all the hassle of maintaining and storing these bulky items, but it also gives you the freedom to pick the correct style depending on your clients’ preferences.

Where to Rent Furniture?

Here are some awesome sites to check out where you can rent furniture for your home, office, condo, or event:

Moss Manila specializes in staging events and venues. Their team is composed of accomplished interior designers. Call them up if you are in need of high-end furniture rental or event styling.

The Event Curators is a company which specializes in corporate events and parties like debuts or weddings. They have a lot of experience in themed events.

Cort Global is an international firm which focuses mainly on traveling professionals or businessmen. They provide these individuals with custom home stylings to suit their tastes upon arrival until they depart the country. You basically just need to fill out a “furniture profile”, talk with a consultant to confirm your needs, and move into your fully furnished home.

Used Office Furniture is a very specific rental service that offers only furniture or furnishings for offices. If your company is temporarily ramping up or if you have a time-specific project, then it might be best to utilize their service.

If you’re unsure of what you need and would want to have the ability to filter out and skim through categorized preferences – then it might be good to utilize iRent Mo. The app gives you the power to compare prices, service types, and more. This way, you’re given the proper choices that would make your decision smarter.

When is Furniture Rental Not Advised?

On the other hand, if you’re a homeowner who would be staying for good and doesn’t mind the latest trends – you might be better off buying furniture. Not only do they make your space look awesome. Furniture also makes your house feel like home.

When to Opt for Furniture Rental