AMD A6-7480 with USED HDD + Generic Case


If you’re on a budget but would like at least a mid-level performance, then this package is perfect for you. The AMD A6-7480 processor offers low power consumption but a higher performance-per-wattage than similarly spec’d the Intel Core i5 processor.

This package comes with the bare minimum specs you’d need for a comfortable performing computer, but if you’d like more oomph, later on, you can get upgrades. But for now, you can enjoy all the benefits of a great computer in such an affordable package.

NOTE: This package comes with a used HDD, but all the rest of its components are BRAND NEW. Also, after ordering – allot a few days for the build of the system.

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AMD A6-7480 with USED HDD + Generic Case

  • AMD A6-7480 Dual Core 3.5ghz Bnew
  • Gigabyte GA-F2A68HM-S1 MoBo Bnew
  • 8gb ddr3 RAM 1x8 Bnew
  • 120gb Solid State Drive SSD Bnew
  • 320gb Hard Disk Drive HDD Used
  • 700w Jumbo Fan Power Supply Bnew
  • Bysuo/Tehi Generic Casing
  • Goma 17 Square LED Monitor Bnew
  • Keytech/G21 Keyboard & Mouse w/ led Bnew
  • G Headset Bnew
  • Free: 1pc LED FAN
  • Free: VGA & Power Cord
  • Free: MousePad



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