Did you know that installing Windows is actually free? So, if you can use Windows for free, what are the benefits of installing genuine and licensed Windows OS (operating system)? Aside from removing the mildly annoying watermark on the right side of your screen – having a licensed Windows operating system has a few other important benefits.

5 Benefits of Installing Genuine Windows OS

1. Speed

One of the best things to hit Windows operating systems in forever: Fast startup. We recently upgraded to a Genuine Windows and we immediately noticed how fast the start up is. It’s been demonstrated in comparison that Windows 10 boots up on a MacBook more quickly than macOS. And for a long time, the Mac’s operating system was incredibly quick. The more recent Microsoft operating systems overtake the more traditional one, Windows 7(Opens in a new window). Another speedup is available with DirectX 12, the 3D engine that brings game designers closer to the hardware for more immersive performance.

2. Security

Having your computer system free of viruses, malware, and other malicious software is definitely one of the most important reasons why you should get a licensed Windows OS. Especially if you use your computer for work or for your business. Licensed Windows systems include a regularly updated security suite that protects your computer and regularly checks for security breaches, device performance/health, as well as other security-related things.

3. Stability

Licensed Windows OS‘ regular updates and patches ensure that your computer and all of its components are always stable. These updates let all of your hardware (and software) talk to each other on the same level, all the time. Without these important updates, there may be imbalances caused by newer software conflicting with older components and even other older software. Not only do these patches stabilize your system, but they also speed things up and make your computer perform better.

4. Free Updates and/or Upgrades

If you have a licensed Windows 10 operating system, you’re automatically entitled to a Windows 11 upgrade; as long as your computer meets the hardware requirements. And with that comes all of the new bells and whistles of a refreshed operating system. Optional updates improves your overall software/application level experience.

5. Peace of Mind

The Windows platform is ideal for software and game developers. Since Windows has a large user base, developers prefer to create utilities, games, and software for this operating system. Linux users are unable to create Windows apps, hence it is preferable to utilize Windows for app development.

Those are just the most important benefits of installing a genuine or licensed Windows OS. Other things like a speedier system, less maintenance, and other things that bring users peace of mind come with a legitimate operating system. Besides, P1,500 is more than worth it, if we’re talking about a hassle-free system that you use for work, school, or play.

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