As mentioned in our other article – FHMOMS is offering fantastic, tried, and tested short courses to help boost your freelancing career. Not only that; availing of these courses will also provide you with access to group chats, Facebook group, Zoom meetings, etc. You’re essentially going to be welcomed to a community of experts and like-minded individuals to help you grow your freelance career.

Your very first step is to find out what you’re niche will be. Below is a list of all the short courses on sale for freelancing work and a quick overview of what each is:

Start Your Freelance Career Today: Courses to Help you Get Started

Portfolio Building and Client Onboarding Automation

This course will discuss the essentials of portfolio building, its importance to freelancing, the critical elements of a portfolio, platforms that you can use in creating a portfolio, and more. The short course will also show you how the onboarding process works, map it out, and create automation to streamline the entire onboarding process for your client. You can check it out here and start learning.

Amazon Online Arbitrage / Product Sourcing

Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the western world. Learning it is important if you want to start freelancing, particularly in product sourcing. This course will tackle product sourcing and help you set up important resources to start your freelancing journey on Amazon. Here’s the link to the short course.

Driving Up Your Sales to 6-Digits Using SMM Framework

SMM or Social Media Marketing is currently an integral framework in developing any type of brand. Learning this will elevate your value as a freelancer. Mastering this will make you irreplaceable as a contributor to any organization. Here’s the link to the short course.

The Trickiest QBO Transactions and How to Handle Them

If your niche is with numbers, then this course is up your alley. Learning how to make proper journal entries, corrections, cleanup solutions, etc. is integral if you’re going to freelance in accounting. Furthermore, the course will also offer US Sales Tax Basics – to give you that extra edge as a freelancer. You can check the short course here.

Getting Started with Web Design

One of the most sought-after freelancing jobs is web design. This course will introduce you to the basics of web design – including typography, layout, colors, hierarchy, website types, website tools, as well as how web design and web development should work together. You can view the short course here.

Content Writing 101

If you’re good with words, then this course is really going to help you get started with your freelancing career. Now, even though you’re already good at writing, it’s important to know how to become a “Freelance Writer”. You’ll also learn how to do copies (copywriting). In this course, you’ll learn how to be an effective writer, how to write from different points of view, and how to develop your writing voice. These are key factors in becoming a good freelance writer. Learn how to become a Freelance Writer here.

There are other courses that you may want to check out in FHMOMS’ short course lineup – some of which can help you not just in your freelance career, but also in other work-from-home jobs. You can check them all out here.