Are you looking for an alternative means to extra extra? Try having your own rental business!

Renting out items that you’re only going to use once or twice is always cheaper than buying. Wedding gowns, photography gear, party/event supplies, construction equipment, automobiles, drones, surveying tools – are just a few items that are commonly used sparingly, but are crucial to some people and businesses.

Even with numerous selling marketplaces, there has yet been any successful rental business platform. Although Facebook and other online hubs are becoming commonplace for renters, it’s still difficult for people to do their renting business. On these sites, when you search for an item you want to rent out – you’ll be flooded with items for sale, people looking for (said) items, and a few that are actually being rented out. But the problem is that everything is disorganized. You have to scroll through tons of listings in hopes of getting lucky with a cheap find.

We’ve created a marketplace app that revolutionizes the way you do business. Create a passive income stream by having your very own rental business.

With the iRentMo app, everything is sorted out and organized. You don’t need to scroll through distantly related listings and unrelated ones. Plus, we have systems in place, like escrow, insurance, and delivery systems to make your lives even easier. App features includes a search function, where you could easily filter out the items you are looking for. In-app chat, which makes it easy for renters and rentees to communicate. A document repository, where the renters can submit their documents, and many more.

What’s good about this is that you don’t need to shell out a new capital for this business. Just rent the items that are not in use, which could still be used by others. If you have a used item that you wish to sell, why not rent them out first while waiting for a buyer? This will be more economically efficient for you since it will be double the earnings.

Running a rental business has never been this easy. Our app is now available both on Android and iOS. Start your rental business now by downloading the iRENTmo app. You can watch how to use the app here. We look forward to seeing you on the app! See you soon!

What can you rent out for extra cash?