Are you having a hard time deciding whether to get a desktop computer or a laptop? Then you came to the right article. We’re here to talk about things that you need to consider whether to get a laptop or a desktop computer.

Depends on what you need it for.

Everyone has different opinions about desktop computers and laptops. Some say desktop computers are better, and some say the latter is better. There are benefits on both ends of the spectrum; and there are pitfalls to each as well. Check out both the good and the not-so-good in buying either a desktop computer or a laptop below. 

Comparing Apples to Oranges

They’re both delicious.

Desktop computers and laptop computers are not necessarily in competition with each other. They serve different purposes. We’ll tackle this comparison based on certain things that would appeal to you. Basically, we’ll discuss each topic and somehow help you decide what would fit your specific need. Knowing which one is better on aspects that would relate to your needs is the key to determining what you’d likely end up buying.

Initial Cost

As some might know, the initial cost of a desktop computer is significantly cheaper compared to the initial cost of laptops. A low-to-mid range desktop computer set would cost around Php16,000 – P25,000. Meanwhile, a laptop that has the same specs would cost around Php 25,000 at the least. In this case – you’re paying a premium for portability; having the same specs in something that you can carry around.


On an equal budget – desktop computers perform noticeably better compared to laptops. This has to do with a desktop computer’s unlimited capacity to handle more hardware. While it is true that laptops also have the ability to compute like a (nerdy) beast, they are limited to still being portable enough to qualify as a laptop, while hardware-heavy enough to game and to cool itself. Plus, gaming laptops with “desktop-like” performance are very expensive because of the customization needed to reduce the size of the performance hardware (CPU, RAM, GPU, etc.) as well as to incorporate miniature cooling solutions. So, in this regard, the desktop computer reigns supreme.

Performance comes at a cost.


This goes hand-in-hand with performance, but is primarily focused on the GPU, RAM, and cooling of the hardware. If you’re looking for a device to game on, then it’s obvious that you should pick the desktop computer for that purpose. Even if you do buy a gaming laptop, your gaming experience would be very limited when it comes to said device. For one, gaming laptops will burn your lap after about 30 minutes of gaming. They’re also extremely heavy. I would have to hand this one to the desktop computer. But if you have the cash – then some laptops like Asus’ ROG series and Razer’s (Blade) gaming line of laptops are making some desktops weep thermal paste.


Do we even need to compare? Anyway, just take the root word of the desktop and the laptop – and you’ll quickly come to the conclusion which one is more portable. The desktop computer is essentially created to be placed on your “desk”, while the laptop computer was born to be nestled on your “lap”. If you’re always moving around, or if you have a small living space – then the laptop is your best option.

Your business. Anywhere.


If you’re looking for a device to use for your business, the obvious choice would be the laptop. As it is very portable and just as easy to use. Also, whenever you have a power outage in your home or wherever you are, this thing would be the only device still running… and your phone as well.


If something goes wrong like the “blue screen of death” – most components in a desktop computer are easier to remove and replace. Usually, you just rub the RAM with an eraser and things get fixed. Worst case is just replacing the erring RAM card with a budget RAM you can buy in Lazada or Shopee. When it comes to laptops, however, it would be a whole other story. You can’t open up your laptop and fix it as easily as you can with your desktop computer. You can’t easily find replacement parts for your laptop either. To do that, you would have to call a manufacturer or order a part online, which takes time and more cash. 

A laptop’s innards is like a puzzle.


The components of a desktop computer are easier to take apart when you decide to do some modifications to your computer. Laptops on the other hand are very limited in what parts would fit and what would be compatible. This is not just cumbersome but it’s also very expensive. Some laptops like the latest generation of Macbooks can’t even be upgraded.


Though it’s easy to upgrade your computer as you only need to take some parts apart, it isn’t as easy as when you assemble it. A lot of people view the desktop computer as a bulky device, and that’s one disadvantage of a desktop computer. It’s difficult and takes up a lot of time. You would have to make space on a table to set it up on permanently. When it comes to laptops, on the other hand, you just purchase it and bring it to your home. No assembly required.


There may be other things that can be compared between laptops and desktops, but right off of the top of my head these are the most important things to consider when choosing a computer. But to sum it up, I’d say that both devices have their merits, but each serves a different purpose. If you’re the kind of person that likes to use your device for gaming purposes or use your device for high-performing apps, it might be better to buy a desktop computer. On the other hand, if you’re going to use it primarily for online schooling, work, or for business, your best bet is to get a laptop. I hope this article helped you in choosing which device is best suited for the things you want to do.

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Computer Wars: Desktop vs. Laptop