No cash, no problem! Availing on an item is now made possible by installments without the need for a credit card!

Cellphones and computers are a necessity in today’s age. Mobile phones are not just for calling anymore. Aside from communication, mobile phones are now being made for entertainment. The apps available allow us to book deliveries, rides, do video calls, play games, and a lot more. Cellphones nowadays are not only capable of receiving and placing phone calls. It is also being used to store data, take pictures, and make money of. The same is true with computers and laptops. The Covid-19 pandemic proved that a work from home set-up is possible, thus the need for gadgets and equipments.

Installment without credit card

The fact is, 94% of Filipinos do not have credit cards. But very many people can pay in installment schemes. According to a report published by DataReportal, less than three percent of respondents aged 15 and above in the Philippines stated that they have a credit card as of January 2021. Of these, a higher percentage of male respondents said that they have a credit card at 2.5 percent. Meanwhile, only 1.4 percent of female respondents have a credit card. Because credit card penetration is still low, a lot of people are looking for ways to avail of installment without the need for a credit card. 

“Rent-to-own” is essentially an Installment program, where one can own items by paying in installments. This concept gave our customers the financial freedom they need to focus on things that matter. It lets them buy things, but still have enough money to enjoy their lives – especially during trying times like the COVID pandemic. 

Where to avail installment without a credit card?