Working from home frees you from long commutes, exorbitant fuel prices, expensive meals, and other hassles of the regular 9 to 5 office setup. Freelancing on the other hand provides you with almost unlimited sources of income as well as a challenging and exciting career opportunity at every turn. Did you know that you can start working from home and freelance even without expensive college degrees? Read on to learn how to start your freelancing career.

Difference Between Work from Home and Freelancing

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, work as we know it – has transformed. No longer were workers shackled to their office desks. Employees were freed from their nine to five schedules. People have taken control of their careers.

Work from Home

Working from home is now more than just a perk, it has become the norm. It started as a way to distance workers from each other to avoid the spread of the Corona virus. Now, it is an expected work setup for employees.

What is Work from Home? How does it work? As the name implies – WFH lets employees work from their homes; it’s the evolution of teleworking wherein employees and employers utilize the internet, email, and the telephone to work from their homes. Back then, teleworking is a perk offered by management to tenured and trusted staff during select days of the week. Nowadays, teleworking or working from home is a daily and normal work setup provided to all employees.

Even after the COVID19 pandemic has waned down, most employees expect their employers or potential employers to offer the complete WFH package.


Freelancing has been around for a very long time; it’s a type of work that earns wages on a per-job or a per-task basis, typically for short-term work. And yes, it can also be categorized as work from home; because you can freelance while you’re at home. But what sets “freelance work” from work from home is the “freelancer’s” freedom from a single employer. A Freelancer is not tied to one employer; he or she provides work for as many employers as he/she can handle work for.

When the pandemic started and endured, many workers lost their jobs. Some took to running their own businesses; while most offered their special skills in freelancing markets. Specialized workers were able to capitalize on the opportunities provided by employers needing quick work without the need to maintain a full-time employee.

How to Start Freelancing

As mentioned earlier – you don’t necessarily need a college degree to do freelance work; you just need to be skilled or specialized in a specific subject matter to complete a task or a project. How? By learning and by doing.

Learning starts with finding your niche or specialization and then reinforcing it with industry-standard short courses from reputable or trusted providers.

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